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The Annual Report is a complete overview of the performance of Atradius N.V. in a year. It includes performance and strategy, full year accounts and additional financial information.

Atradius Annual Report 2022 - Resilience in challenging times

Atradius Annual Report 2022 | Atradius

At Atradius we remain dedicated to our commitment to enable trade and develop resilient  solutions during these challenging times. 2022 was the third year in which the world was confronted by the reality of COVID-19. But Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has sparked further uncertainty, setting off a chain of events that rippled through the global economy, forcing us to adapt to the changing risk environment. In this dynamic setting where uncertainty remains at unprecedented levels, with persistent risk challenges across the globe, our company and our people have worked alongside our customers and business partners to navigate uncertain times.

Insurance premium revenue increased by 17.1% while the claims ratio for 2022 increased to 38.7%. As a result, the Atradius insurance and service result increased 37.1% to EUR 414.8 million, and the result for the year by 38.3% to EUR 332.2 million. Customer retention of 93.5% demonstrates customer confidence in Atradius and a steady demand for Atradius’ services.

Business outlook  

Global growth is expected to falter in 2023 as the global economy teeters on the edge of a recession in the first half of the year.  The global GDP forecast is only 1.3% in 2023, the weakest growth profile since the financial crisis.  This picture is especially true for advanced economies, with 0.2% growth forecast overall, and even a mild recession forecast in the Eurozone, US and UK.  The outlook for emerging economies is more positive with 2.9% growth predicted overall and some markets such as China and India forecast to perform better.  In 2023, insolvencies in most markets continue to adjust to normal, pre-pandemic levels.

Overall, the risks to the world economy remain high and the current risk environment makes it even more challenging for companies to emerge stronger from the Covid-19 pandemic.



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